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Factors That Contribute to Alcoholism

factors that contribute to alcoholism - alcoholic - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterPeople in and out of the recovery community often wonder what the factors that contribute to alcoholism are.

The factors that contribute to alcoholism have long been discussed within twelve-step meeting halls. Due to the damage that alcoholism does to the lives of those who have the disease and the people who love them, the topic can be a sensitive subject that elicits strong opinions.

Truth is, Americans are drinking themselves to death at record rates. That means thousands of new people are asking themselves the question of why someone they knew had to die from the disease of alcoholism every day. In addition to these people, states that are debating the legalization of marijuana are asking voters to decide whether or not they truly believe it is just some recreational fun or a dangerous “gateway drug.”

With all of these things going on there are more people wondering what the factors that contribute to alcoholism are than ever before.

However, the answers are still very hard to come by. We know that in order to be an alcoholic or an addict one must first drink or use drugs. It is impossible to develop an addition to something that you’ve never tried. Statistics have consistently shown over the years that there is a hereditary correlation.

Those who have alcoholics in their ancestry tend to be more likely to become alcoholics.

Though we know this, science has yet to find a way to determine which family members are most likely to be an alcoholic. What has been proven to treat alcoholism for those who cannot stop drinking on their own is twelve-step programs. Hopefully one day we will better understand factors that contribute to alcoholism, but for now it’s mostly speculation.

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