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Addiction Treatment Admissions Process

Addiction treatment is a big step. Recovery is possible. 

We understand how difficult and painful life can be when you or a loved one is experiencing a crisis associated with addiction. With the proper understanding, there is hope. It helps to know what you can expect. 

Addiction Treatment Admissions Process

  • Admissions Assessment: Admissions staff will obtain appropriate information from the patient to determine their needs prior to entering the program. Admission assessments are reviewed by treatment team members to determine an appropriate level of care. If the client does not meet the criteria for residential treatment, we will provide a referral to the appropriate level of care.
  • Treatment Evaluation: All Clients undergo a treatment evaluation. During the application process and continuing in the days after admission, clients will discuss their addiction history, medical background, and other factors. This process informs the clients’ treatment goals and sets up a list of topics for further exploration.

Addiction is a disease. It is not a character flaw or a sign of moral failing. 

whole-person care, help, treatment, therapy, supportConfidentiality at Fair Oaks Recovery

We will discuss your specific concerns in private. We respect your desire for confidentiality. Our thoughtful and experienced clinicians will welcome you without judgment. 

We will listen to your story and explore your needs. This helps us to determine the appropriate level of treatment. 

We Accept Most Insurance Carriers

We accept most health plans and will provide a benefit verification for you.

For more information about the usual transition from the initial call to starting treatment, please take a look at our What to Expect page

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