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Acceptance of Drug Addiction

Drugs are everywhere and the acceptance of drug addiction is becoming more common.

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We as a community are infested with drug addiction more than any other time in history. Drug use has been running rapid and the outcomes associated with it come with consequences such as violence, addiction, and death. This is increasing with the increasing rate of acceptance of drug addiction.

The norm today is tweens and younger are glued to their phones, tablets, and computers. They text, game, instant message, and visit blogs, websites, and social media platforms into the wee hours of the night. Information is being streamlined 24/7 – and while some are necessary and pertinent, pop culture breathes an ongoing acceptance of drug addiction.

Turn on a popular top radio station and you’ll soon hear songs with lyrics of suicide, using, partying, drinking, addiction, depression, drugging and rehabs. Turn the TV on and the chances you’ll see a hot celebrity entering or leaving a luxury rehab is pretty high. If you don’t see that, you’ll sadly hear about one who recently passed from a drug overdose.

It’s no wonder we have an acceptance of drug addiction in our society.

How can we stop the wave of this acceptance? First, educate yourself on drug use. What are the emerging trends? What are the symptoms and signs of that drug? How are drugs surviving within your community?   Have the conversations about drug use and addiction with your kids, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. Urge your local schools to teach and have dialogues around the problem of drug addiction and the consequences that go with it.

With education and conversations we can change how pop culture and social mediums glorify and push the acceptance of drug addiction to our communities and families. Together, house by house and school by school we can tell the truth about drugs and banish the acceptance of drug addiction.

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