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Alcohol Addiction Recovery and the Family

alcohol addiction recovery and the family - family - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterThere are few things more excruciating than witnessing alcohol addiction within your own family.

This is why many facilities work to repair the strained relationships involved in alcohol addiction recovery and the family. As the loved ones of the alcoholic, we are powerless to stop the madness. We almost become addicted to the person addicted because we are constantly concerned with their wellbeing and safety, whether or not they made it home safe, whether or not they will end up in jail again or this time the hospital
, or whether we will finally get the call we have been dreading for so long.Most accredited treatment facilities incorporate both alcohol addiction recovery and the family into their treatment plans. During active drinking, relationships are stretched beyond their means, if not completely severed. There is hope. With education, dedicated counselors, and a fellowship of other likeminded individuals in similar situations, everyone involved with addiction has the potential to heal. Just as those struggling with addiction have to take steps to better themselves, so do the loved ones. Addiction is a family disease and affects everyone.

Just as there are programs for alcoholics, there are also programs for the family and loved ones of alcoholics.

Al-Anon is a fellowship of people who have or have had an alcoholic in their life. Alateen is the same type of program but designed for teenagers and children of alcoholics. Both provide a safe and secure place to meet others who have similar situations. There is experience, strength, and hope in knowing that you are not alone.Self-care is an important in alcohol addiction recovery and the family. We have constantly been concerned with the welfare of our loved one and the needs associated with their addiction. We do this to the point that we neglect ourselves. This doesn’t have to be your truth anymore.Are you or a loved one in need of addiction treatment? If so, please contact us at (888) 989-9690. Most insurance accepted – Call today!