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Social Acceptance of Drug Use

social acceptance of drug use - watching television - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterThe term “social” can be described as seeking or enjoying the companionship of others; friendly, gregarious. Unfortunately, nothing could be more further from the truth as it relates to the use of drugs. Social acceptance of drug use is a very serious problem in our society.

Reality television sensationalism and the detachment of reality in social media is making the disturbing facts about social acceptance of drug use seem minor. Many people deal with depression and the overwhelming pressures of their peers to ‘fit” in. It is one of the most heartbreaking feelings in the world to try to reach through to someone who is dealing with addiction and they don’t see their own value or their worth. If you take time to talk to anyone who is suffering from addiction, you will find some commonalities.

One such commonality is the fact that they originally started using drugs in a social atmosphere and what started out as seemingly harmless fun with friends, turned into a spiral of addiction that was anything but fun. Addiction has separated families, caused people to lose their lives, caused spouses to separate, children have lost their parents, and parents have lost their children. The real question has to be asked “what in the world is sociable about that?” The simple answer is nothing. There is no such thing as using drugs sociably and social acceptance of drug use is something that needs to be addressed.

Too many people have lost everything they have and there is nothing glamorous about that.

The focus of addiction has to start with the person who is dealing with the disease. However we cannot overlook the affect social acceptance of drug use has on everyone and everything. Family members of addicts often question if they could have somehow done something to deter their loved ones from becoming addicts. These feelings can cause family members to fall into roles of co-dependency and enabling. Unless addressed, these roles can be the case whether the addict has completed a treatment program or not.

It is important for anyone who is either an addict themselves or has a loved one who is, to seek proper treatment and counseling. That is the only way to be made whole after dealing with the issues that cause brokenness in the struggle of addiction.

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