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Who Is the Ideal Candidate to Seek Outpatient Addiction Treatment

who is the ideal candidate to seek outpatient addiction treatment - outpatient signMore than 28 million Americans are children of alcoholics, of these, nearly 11 million are under the age of 18.

This number does not account for parents that are addicted to other drugs. These numbers are staggering. One may wonder why these parents do not get help. Two of the main reasons are that they cannot afford inpatient drug addiction treatment and that they do not or cannot leave their children, so they continue in their addiction even when they realize they need help.

For these parents, outpatient therapy can be the ideal choice to get on the road to recovery.

Outpatient therapy typically meets three to five times a week, during the day or in the evening, and costs less than inpatient rehab. Most insurance policies will cover outpatient therapy or pay partially. Parents that are addicted do not have to leave their children for an extended period of time and can carry on with their life while going to outpatient drug treatment.

Not everyone has to hit a “bottom” before seeking help for their addiction.

Addiction effects all people from all walks of life. Many people live in denial about their alcoholism or drug addiction, thinking that they still have their children, their home, their job, etc., so it cannot be too bad. Yet, deep down, we all know when we are having a problem with something. IOP can also be perfect for professional people who may not want their place of employment to know that they are struggling with an addiction problem. If you know that you need help, but do not want to lose your job, leave your children overnight, and have bills to keep up, outpatient therapy may be the answer. Intensive outpatient drug treatment (IOP) provides a safe environment where you can get counseling, group support, and learn tools to prevent relapse. Meeting with an intake advisor is the first step in laying out a plan of recovery that works for your individual needs and your schedule.

Although outpatient drug treatment may be perfect for busy parents, professionals, and independent business owners that cannot leave their responsibilities for thirty or sixty days to enter into a residential drug treatment facility, it is not ideal for those that are in a chronic addiction to alcohol or heroin. Withdrawal from these substances can be fatal. If you have tried to stop using a substance on your own and are experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms such as the shakes, nausea, hallucinations, or seizures, a monitored medical detox may be necessary before you can enter into an outpatient program. Call now to get a professional’s opinion on the best course of action for your individual needs.

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