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Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

Spirituality and Addiction Recovery - women praying - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterWatching a loved one spiral down with an addiction is heartbreaking. The truth is, until we learn that spirituality and addiction recovery go hand-in-hand, the struggle will likely not get better.

No amount of begging, pleading, screaming or crying can or will get them sober. Those of us who live, love, lived or have loved an addict know the destruction it can have on our own well-being. Most of us have been manipulated, lied to, promised, and mentally drained. Some of us have been emotionally and physically abused. We have suffered from the disease of addiction and turn to the spiritual program of Al-Anon for support. Al-Anon is the spiritual equivalent to Alcoholics Anonymous and intended for those that have been affected by the disease of alcoholism and addiction. The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous know the importance of spirituality and addiction recovery, and Al-Anon has taken that importance into their program as well.

When I first got involved with Al-Anon, I had to gain a new perspective on living with my alcoholic husband.

Al-Anon was the one program that completely opened my mind to the correlation between spirituality and addiction recovery. For me, spirituality indicates that I am connected to something bigger and more powerful than myself. In the program, we call this a Higher Power. One can call this power God, the Universe, nature, or anything for that matter. It can be aligned with or without a specific religion. It’s whatever works for each individual. When I think about spirituality and addiction recovery, I am reminded that my Higher Power is in charge of everything, including my alcoholic husband. And with that, my husband has his own Higher Power with whom he can decide to surrender his addiction to or not.

As someone not addicted to alcohol or drugs, opening my mind to spirituality and addiction really saved my life and maybe even my marriage. I know now that when I feel as though I’m being mistreated, manipulated or lied to – I can rely on my Higher Power for strength and guidance. I’m hopeful that my husband finds spirituality and addiction recovery, because I believe it would make his life so much better. I also know that it’s not my job to find it for him.

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