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Perfect Podcasts for Your Recovery Journey

A Little About Podcasts

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Podcasts are all the rage at the moment. No matter what your interests may be, you can head to the internet and find a podcast that is perfect for you. You can delve deeply into political talk. You can listen to people argue about sports or discuss your favorite television program. Or you can visit a variety of amazing fictional places.

There are also many podcasts dedicated to issues and ideas related to recovery, from information about identifying substance use disorders to the pursuit of lasting sobriety. Here are five podcasts to consider as you look for the program or programs that might be helpful to you in your own journey.

The Bubble Hour hosted by Jean M.

Committed to lessening the stigma often experienced by those struggling with alcoholismThe Bubble Hour often features guests who focus on the ways in which substance use disorders affect women in particular. That female focus sets the podcast apart from many other similar programs.

The Bubble Hour is grounded in paying it forward:

We are so grateful for the sober people who came before us to help find this path; this is one way to give back…Alcoholism thrives in the dark. Together, we bring light. And hope.

The SHAIR Podcast hosted by Omar Pinto

SHAIR stands for Sharing Helps Addicts in Recovery, and the podcast includes interviews with people in recovery who share their strategies for maintaining their sobriety. A diverse range of ideas and perspectives are offered, but the importance of family and faith as well the effectiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous and the importance of having a creative outlet for exploring emotions are frequent topics.

A mother of a heroin addict has found the podcast extremely viable:

When I discovered Omar’s SHAIR Addiction Recovery podcast, it was as if, suddenly, I had an angel in that valley with me…Omar’s enthusiasm, humor, great caring, and outstanding guests provide salve for our wounds and continual boosts of energy to help us keep going.

AA Beyond Belief

Alcoholics Anonymous is grounded in faith, but many who benefit from the 12-Step program may not themselves be religious. AA Beyond Belief is a podcast focused on the benefits of AA while not necessarily embracing the spiritual aspects of the program.

The makers of the podcast share a pledge with their audience:

We will provide a space for the agnostic, atheist, and freethinker in Alcoholics Anonymous to freely share their experience, strength, and hope with each other, and the Fellowship as a whole. Through civil and thoughtful discourse, we will learn and grow together in unity, service, and recovery.

The Sober Guy Podcast hosted by Shane Ramer

Ramer is committed to use his own recovery journey as a way to inspire people to pursue lasting sobriety in their own lives. His personal story includes being born to teenage parents who misused alcohol before he took up drinking as a teenager. The podcast covers a wide selection of topics and often includes guests who share their own stories of recovery.

Of his recovery and ongoing mission, Ramer says:

I’ve been sober since September 11, 2013, and I’m on a mission to encourage people and let ’em know that freedom from drugs and alcohol is possible. I still party, I still have fun, and I do it clean and sober!

Far from Finished hosted by Alexis Castro

It might seem like your substance use disorder is the defining feature of your life. Far from Finished disputes that notion and is committed to the idea that those who are in recovery can chart a new path for themselves. Maybe you don’t know who you are apart from drugs or alcohol, but this podcast is committed to helping you figure that out.

The makers of the podcast believe sharing stories is a powerful tool for offering a sense of what’s possible:

Told in their own words, these stories provide insight into the experiences of people who are embarking on their own personal journey of recovery and triumph over addiction. Full of hope and inspiration, these stories demonstrate what is possible through compassionate treatment and dedicating oneself to living a better life.

Podcasts are Perfect for Our Busy Lives

One of the many appealing things about podcasts is that they are “on-demand” programming, meaning you get to decide when you will listen to the latest episode. If a podcast has been around for a while, it becomes “bingeable,” which might be an excellent feature if you need ongoing encouragement to support your recovery. Also, communities of listeners and contributors often come together around podcasts, so in the case of recovery-related programs, you may well find others to encourage—and who can encourage you.

Podcasts are also great for listening to while you do other tasks. You can listen in the car, or while you do chores, or while you exercise. Podcasts can help you fend off the boredom that might pose a threat to your sobriety.

Whether you listen on your smartphone, mp3 player, tablet, desktop computer, or other portable digital device, podcasts can be easily integrated into your daily routine. You can find your new favorites on a variety of platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and Google Play.

Does a Residential Recovery Center Sound Good to You?

At Fair Oaks Recovery Center, we’re ready to listen to you and develop a personalized treatment plan that will provide a firm foundation for building a life of lasting sobriety. Once you have completed rehab and your recovery is underway, we can point you in the direction of any number of resources that can support you as you go forward. That includes knowing which podcasts might be of particular interest and value to you. If you like the sound of that, we hope you’ll give us a call and let us help.

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