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What Is Partial Hospitalization?

The decision to get help for a substance abuse problem saves lives.

what is partial hospitalization - woman at reception counterOftentimes this decision can also be put off for too long due to responsibilities one has at home. Once someone has made the commitment for recovery, they will need to choose an avenue of treatment that will work for them. Most people think of residential programs when they picture drug treatment centers, and most drug treatment centers are just that…offering inpatient rehab for a period of thirty to ninety days. This is an excellent choice for many people as it gives them the time to detox and learn new coping skills for their life.

If you are thinking of entering a drug treatment program, it is good to be educated on the choices available. There are facilities that offer partial hospitalization. These programs are designed for people that have a substance abuse problem that is out of hand, but not too far out of control. An honest assessment within yourself and with a professional will give you the answer as to how far out of control the addiction has gotten.

Partial hospitalization is a comprehensive, short-term, intensive clinical treatment program.

Individuals participate in structured programs throughout the day for either three or five days a week, usually not more than twenty hours per week, and return home at night. It provides individuals with all of the amenities of residential treatment, such as group therapy, art therapy, meetings, one on one counseling, medically assisted detox, social workers to assist in other areas of your life, relapse prevention programs, family meetings, and many other mental health practitioners are available for your journey back to health. It typically follows an intensive inpatient rehabilitation program, but not always. For some individuals, a partial hospitalization program may be the right choice for recovery.

Some things positive aspects of partial hospitalization:

  • Can help with the detoxification of the body – Partial hospitalization typically includes a detox period, just as residential treatment would, yet allows the individual to return home at night.
  • Intensive Program – By joining a partial hospitalization program you gain the benefits of working with professionals who will support and guidance in your recovery process.
  • Flexible Schedule – The flexible schedule of partial hospitalization allows those individuals with responsibility to family to return home in the evenings.
  • Cost – The cost of partial hospitalization is significantly lower that that of full residential treatment. Part of the cost of overnight long term stays is to cover twenty-four-hour care. This is not necessary for those that go home in the evenings so the cost is much less.
  • Less disruption of your daily routines – Because those that choose partial hospitalization go home in the evenings, there is less disruption to daily life. This may be particularly important you are caring for young children.

To find out if partial hospitalization is the correct choice for you, contact an intake representative now at (888) 989-9690.



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