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Do I Need Cocaine Detox?

do i need cocaine detox - detox word in blocks - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterWhen an addict chooses sobriety, the need for detoxification can be essential to allow the body to rid itself of the drug.

Depending on the drug, detox can produce daunting psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms. It’s highly recommended to know the medical dangers and severity of these symptoms prior to detoxing.

With detoxification from cocaine usage, withdrawal symptoms typically don’t involve severe medical dangers, but there are some best practices to be aware of.

Here are the most common questions asked by those who want to detox from cocaine:

Do I need cocaine detox if I can stop using on my own?

There are many mental factors that go into determining if detoxification is needed and, depending on how much one has used and for how long, could help with the deciding factor. Because cocaine withdrawal symptoms can occur hours or days after one has stopped using, it’s best to discuss withdrawal methods with a licensed and trained medical professional.

Do I need cocaine detox in a hospital or can I do it at home?

Since cocaine addiction is more of a psychological addiction rather than a physical one, detoxing at home is possible but highly discouraged. When one detoxes from cocaine without medical supervision, it’s easier to give in to the temptation to use. With that, detoxification in a medical facility is much safer by providing constant supervision and managed withdrawal medication if necessary.

Do I need cocaine detox before I go to a treatment center?

Most, if not all, treatment centers agree that detoxification is the first step when entering any rehab program. Once the psychological and physical aspects are stable, one can focus on recovery as opposed to being preoccupied with the discomfort of withdrawals.

We advise discussing this option with your treatment facility as some provide in-house detoxification services. Your treatment facility can also direct you a medically supervised program they work with.

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