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National Recovery Month

America’s communities are suffering from the consequences brought on by the ever growing epidemic of the disease of addiction and mental illness.

national recovery month - Fair Oaks Recovery Center - september 2015If you personally are not suffering, I guarantee you know someone who is. This can be a family member, close friend, co-worker, neighbor or an acquaintance. With the high price of treatment, many families and individuals are left without ever getting the help they deserve. According to The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), statistic show that last year 20 million people in need of substance abuse treatment did not receive it, and an estimated 10.6 million people reported an unmet need for mental health care.

Behavioral health issues will continue to affect our communities, but the more awareness we can bring about addiction, mental illness, PTSD, depression, suicide, bullying and more, the better chance our neighbors, loved ones, and co-workers will hear they’re not alone and help is available.

National Recovery Month is celebrated every September with the goal of providing awareness around prevention, treatment and support services for those suffering with substance abuse and mental disorders. In addition to educating, this designated month celebrates people who are on the journey of recovery as well as those who continue to dedicate their lives by working in the field of substance abuse, mental health and addiction.

This year, National Recovery Month takes on the theme of “Join the Voices for Recovery: It’s Worth It!” No longer are the discussions of mental illness and substance abuse taboo. Take a moment to reflect on your own journey of recovery, and help spread the word that prevention works, treatment is effective and people can recover. Sharing our experience, strength and hope is a powerful tool in helping, and can help someone who is suffering with any behavioral health issues.

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