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Loved One Addicted to Prescription Drugs

loved one addicted to prescription drugs - prescription drug bottles - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterAre you or a loved one addicted to prescription drugs? If so, you’re among the shattering statistics.

In 2011, 52 million people in the US over the age of 12 used prescription drugs non-medically at least once in their lifetime, 6.2 million in the past month (Prescription Drug Addiction). Addiction is tricky – and so are addicts. If you are concerned about a loved one or yourself, please look over the questions below.

What are some physical or mental signs a loved one addicted to prescription drugs may have?

  • Spending an abundant amount of time obtaining prescriptions, such as visiting different doctors, clinics to get specific prescriptions.
  • Change in personality, problems at work or home.
  • Mood swings, decrease in sleep, insomnia, anxiety, or paranoia.
  • Physical changes such as flushed face, nausea, slurred speech, etc.

Can a loved one addicted to prescription drugs still function on a daily basis?

  • Yes, just as there are functioning alcoholics, there can be functioning prescription drug addicts. The important key to remember is addiction is a progressive disease, and although someone may ‘seem’ to be functioning (i.e. going to work, doing chores, PTA, etc.) the addiction will only become stronger and more powerful.

Where can a loved one addicted to prescription get help?

There are many online resources that can help you identify programs for drug abuse in your area. The following two websites have different databases to help identify treatment centers or medical professionals in a specific area. Approaching the subject of addiction can be difficult and delicate. Help is always closer than you think, and everyone deserves to live a life free of addiction.
If you or a loved one are addicted to prescription drugs, we can help. Please contact us today at (888) 989-9690.