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Living With an Alcoholic

living with an alcoholic - woman drinking - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterIs living with an alcoholic easy?  I’d have to ask myself that question, because I am that alcoholic. 

I can tell you that when I was active in my disease, living with an alcoholic (me) was unpredictable and a little chaotic.  It didn’t bother me though, but it bothered everyone around me.  That’s why it’s known as a family disease.

I know a little about the disease of alcoholism because I too found living with an alcoholic a little chaotic. Maybe crazy is a better word.  I’m an adult child of an alcoholic, meaning I grew up with the disease of alcoholism.  Both my parents drank heavily, and I can remember thinking this must be what parents do.  It wasn’t until I was in college and met my husband that my drinking habits were pointed out to me – more than a handful of times.

Living with an alcoholic who is active in their disease is crazy.

I drove my family and myself crazy. I couldn’t remember who I told what to and every time I opened my mouth I felt the lies snowballing bigger and bigger.  They didn’t understand the pressure I was under, and so I drank. And I lied about what I drank, where I drank and how much I had drank.  All which are typical behaviors of living with an alcoholic.

It took my family backing off and letting me hit my own rock-bottom before I even admitted there may be a problem.  When I did, I was greeted with loving arms and complete compassion.  I then went into a treatment center where I had to detox in order to really begin the process of recovery.

I know firsthand that living with an alcoholic who is active in their disease is unpredictable (because I was), chaotic (because I was) and yes, even crazy because that I was for certain.   

By the grace of God, I’ve been sober for 6 years, 4 months and 10 days. 

I am completely grateful that my family hung in there during this dark time.  Ask me how living with an alcoholic in recovery is, and I will tell you it’s the most amazing, beautiful experience ever!

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