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Life After Treatment

life after treatment - support group - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterLife after treatment can seem daunting to those first entering the world of recovery.

Healthcare providers and counselors can provide all the tools for successful, long-term recovery, but it is ultimately up to the client to continue the new lifestyle. Fear can be a powerful and overwhelming emotion, but treatment helps you learn how to overcome these emotions, and becomes a sense of empowerment. Life after treatment will be beyond your wildest expectations, and it is achievable.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA for short) is a section of the U.S department of Health and Human Services. This organization is a great way for professionals to provide resources to people after treatment. Dealing with life after treatment is much easier when you work with a healthcare professional, addiction specialist, and peers (such as those involved in spiritual based groups). Many times it is important to use a combination of all, instead of just using one program. Health professionals that understand the disease of addiction can provide many useful links to beneficial resources.

Another extremely important thing to remember about life after treatment is that there is much fun to be had in recovery.

Counselors and therapists will encourage you to get involved with others that share similar interests. Having a support group of people that know exactly what you are experiencing is therapeutic to the soul, and extremely helpful to long-term recovery.

Many times drugs and alcohol are used to cover emotions, past trauma, depression, or other mental disease. Working with a counselor in addition to a sponsor is helpful to have a healthy life after treatment. Making the decision to get professional help is an incredible first step, and continuing care after an inpatient program is vital to creating a well-balanced life after treatment.

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