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How Easy is it to Get Addicted to Heroin

photo of young adults shooting heroin - how easy is it to get addicted to heroin - Fair Oaks Recovery Center of california - sacramento drug rehab centerHow easy is it to get addicted to heroin? I found myself searching this question on the Internet, hoping to find a definitive answer that would help me avoid the pitfall of addiction. I had experimented with other drugs and was curious to try heroin. I knew that it was addictive, but I figured I’d just be smart about it and arm myself with knowledge. I was only going to try it this one time and then maybe on a weekend, here and there. Besides, I had a job to get to, classes to attend. I didn’t have time to sit around all day and get high.

How easy is it to get addicted to heroin? I asked this question to the person that showed me how to shoot up. A couple weeks had passed and smoking heroin just wasn’t giving me the same high anymore. I wanted to try shooting up but I didn’t want to end up like “those junkies”. She told me if I used it for more than three days in a row I’d get hooked, but if I took a break after three days I’d be fine- just a few days on and few days off. At last, the magic formula for shooting drugs safely! Of course I would just stop when it was time to stop, why wouldn’t I?

How easy is it to get addicted to heroin? My brother asked me this question, as I lay, shivering and sweaty, on the bathroom floor in between dry heaving into the toilet. I was going through heroin withdrawals. I was addicted. That “magic formula” I was going to use? Please. There is no math involved in addiction because math is logical. And what is logical about sticking a used needle in your arm? What is logical about spending rent money on dope? What is logical about seeking out a highly addictive drug to use while believing you won’t get addicted? There’s nothing logical about those things. And yet, I did them anyways.

How easy is it to get addicted to heroin? The answer is it’s really easy to get addicted to heroin. For me, what started out as naïve curiosity turned into an addiction that lasted for seven years. I would have moments of clean time in those years, but I’d always go back to using. Heroin is not just physically addictive; it’s psychologically addictive, as well. So even if I could get through the physical withdrawals, my mind couldn’t get let go of the mental obsession to get high.

In my experience with heroin addiction, or any addiction, delusional thinking is what brings us to it and keeps us there. That is, until we are willing to work a program of recovery that is necessary to stay sober. And after seven long years I was finally willing to do that and I have now been sober for five years. Yes, it’s easy to get addicted to heroin. But, thankfully, it’s possible to recover from it, too.

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