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Fun In Sobriety

fun in sobriety - friends camping - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterSo, you’re newly sober, and you have a few questions such as, How will I have fun in sobriety?

What will I be like now that I’m sober?  Well, the good news is that life can be absolutely incredible, you can be best version of you possible, and the word ‘fun’ will take on whole new meanings. One of the best things about learning how to live sober is getting to know yourself. You get to figure out who you are and what you like and don’t like.  Discovering what you find to be fun in sobriety is a process, but it’s also an amazing experience.  The meaning of sobriety includes life changes. You might find that you no longer enjoy some of the activities or social gatherings that you used to.  Or, you might decide that the people you used to hang out with don’t have many of the same interests as you, now that you are aren’t drinking or using, and that’s okay.  Having fun in sobriety means that you get to create new and authentic relationships, and build on the relationships you still have in new ways.

The opportunity to create lasting memories is priceless.

We get to be present while we are having these experiences, in a way that we couldn’t when we were drunk or high.  So what are some ideas for having fun in sobriety?  One idea is to try something you used to enjoy before drugs or alcohol became the main focus in your life.  Did you like going to garage sales, thrift stores, or antique stores?  Maybe you enjoyed being outdoors, hiking, biking, walking?  Does your city have museums you can visit?  It’s fairly common for substances to have taken the place of things we used to enjoy.  This is a chance to rediscover the things life has to offer that you might have left behind when you started drinking or using.  It’s not uncommon to think that a particular activity will have to be off limits because you used to do it high or drunk.  This isn’t necessarily true.  It can be intimidating to revisit activities we mentally attach to not being sober.  Many artists struggle with this in early sobriety, for example.  It can be difficult to get the creative flow started again, but it is possible.  Creative outlets are incredibly effective and conducive to living healthy and having fun in sobriety.

Fear stops us from branching out and exploring what life has to offer us.

If you have a supportive friend or family member, you can ask them to join you on an outing. Getting past the initial apprehensions of venturing out when newly sober is key.  Learning how to have fun in sobriety is empowering.  Learning about the person you really are is a remarkable journey.  Ask yourself what you would really like to do, and plan to go do it.  You deserve to find your joys in life, and you will find fun in sobriety!

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