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The Fight Against Addiction

fight against addiction - stop addiction - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterThe fight against addiction is nothing new.

For decades, society and community leaders continue to use their voices to fight the war on drugs. Although awareness has been at an all-time high, the battle against addiction continues as the number of overdose deaths has been increasing every year.

From 2001 to 2014 alone, overdose deaths with relation to prescription drugs, opioid pain relievers, benzodiazepines, cocaine, and heroin have all increased. The highest trend in drug overdose has been deaths involving heroin with a 6-fold increase from 2001 to 2014, and the lowest trend being that of cocaine with a 42% increase over the said years. Given these reported numbers, we still have some work to do in the fight against addiction, and many believe it starts with education.

Using the classroom as a medium to education our children sounds like a great idea, but the demands, requirements and standards our teachers face give little time to extra-curricular learning – and the fight against addiction would fall under this category.

When and if time permits, teachers often find the subject is lightly touched on thus losing its effectiveness and critical warnings that come with it. In addition, most teachers have not acquired the proper training and knowledge regarding drug trends and current signs which can lead to misinformation and warped perception. With that, we cannot depend directly on our schools to educate our children on the fight against addiction. Parents need to take responsibility, stay up to speed with pop-culture, current drug trends and have continued dialogues with their children. This includes discussions about peer pressure, misinformation on the internet and how pop culture glamorizes drugs, alcohol, and addiction.

For widespread support, parents can look online to Partnership for Drug Free Kids.

For over thirty years, PDFK has offered guidance and tools for parents by translating the science of drug use and addiction into actionable information. Packed with articles, statistics, and an extensive Parent Survival Guide, Partnership for Drug Free Kids continues their dedication to the fight against addiction. In addition to the information online, they also offer a free 24-hour helpline which has become a staple for concerned parents. This allows parents to connect with specialists for immediate advice and appropriate course of action if needed.

There’s no finish line with the fight against addiction, but we can get closer to solving the problem with education. As teachers and community leaders strive to do their best to teach our kids, we as parents need to step up to the plate, lead by example and talk directly to our kids about the dangers and misinformation regarding drugs, alcohol, and addiction.

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