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Factors That Contribute To Drug Addiction

factors that contribute to drug addiction - dna strand - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterThere are many factors that contribute to drug addiction.

Although some factors that contribute to drug addiction may be present in certain individuals, it may not be true of all people suffering from drug addiction.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse points out three things that can happen in early childhood development that can lead to drug abuse.

1. One of these early precursors is a lack of emotional attachment to the child by the parents or primary caregiver.

2. The second risk factor is ineffective or nonexistent parenting.

3. The third factor that contributes to drug addiction is being exposed to a caregiver who uses drugs (NIDA).

While these are three prevalent factors, they do not necessarily ensure future drug addiction.

The National Council on Drug Addiction and Alcohol Dependence suggests that family history and genetics play a crucial role.

Associating pleasure with certain types of food can be an advantage from an evolutionary standpoint, but some people are more predisposed to addiction than others. “Repeatedly abusing drugs or alcohol permanently rewires the brain” (NCADD). When the brain is rewired, it desires more of the pleasure that is associated with drug and alcohol use. The rewiring of the brain is one of the factors that contribute to drug addiction. This begins the vicious cycle of drug abuse where one is too many and a thousand is never enough.

Genetics contribute 50% to the chances of developing an addiction (NCADD).

However, genetics alone are not a guaranteed factor that contributes to drug addiction. Many people come from families that have never experiences any type of addiction and become addicts. Others come from families riddled with drug addiction, and maintain an addictive free lifestyle.

Education is extremely important, especially early in life.

Educating children of the potential dangerous associated with drug addiction can help reduce their chances of becoming entangled in the addictive lifestyle. If you are a parent or care giver who has struggled with the disease of addiction, having an open dialogue with your child can help prepare them. Although there are many factors that contribute to drug addiction, there are many solutions available to help people live normal lives.

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