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What to Expect from Outpatient Therapy

what to expect from outpatient therapy - group therapyIntensive Outpatient therapy, (IOP), is often the bridge from inpatient rehabilitation or partial hospitalization to going back to day to day living in recovery, but sometimes this is not the case.

For some people with less severe addictions residential rehab may not be necessary, and intensive outpatient can be very valuable tool in recovery.

Groups are small in IOP, often not exceeding ten people. Most outpatient programs will assign an individual therapist with whom to meet weekly. IOP provides a safe, nurturing environment where you can share your concerns, worries, and fears while learning relapse prevention skills. Most intensive outpatient programs meet three times a week for up to three months or longer, depending on the severity of your addiction.

If you are contemplating whether IOP is right for you, see if these fit your situation:

  • You cannot commit to inpatient – if responsibilities at home are keeping you from going into residential inpatient rehabilitation, an intensive outpatient treatment plan may better fit your life.
  • You cannot afford inpatient – Outpatient programs are less expensive since you are not paying for room and board.
  • Your addiction is not too severe – It is often difficult to access our own situation, as many of us live in denial as to how out of hand our addictions have become. Speaking with an addictions counselor may help you to gain better clarity as to what treatment is best for your particular situation.
  • Continuing care – if you have just gotten out of rehab, IOP is an effective way to remain drug and/or alcohol free and helps prevent relapse.

Before committing to an outpatient program, you may want to ask the facility a few questions.

Here is a checklist of important issues to address before committing to a program:

  • How much does it cost?
  • Does the treatment plan include behavioral therapy?
  • Does the treatment plan include medications if necessary?
  • Can the program treat dual diagnosis?
  • Is the staff certified? What are their credentials?
  • What days or nights is outpatient offered?
  • Will I have an individual counselor?
  • How many times per week does the group meet?
  • How long can I stay in IOP?
  • What kinds of insurance are accepted?
  • Is the facility accredited?
  • What happens if I miss group?
  • What other therapies are offered?
  • Are individualized treatment plans offered?

If you or a loved one has been struggling with an addiction, entering some kind of drug treatment program can mean the difference between life and death. It is a major life decision when we decide to get clean and sober. With the help of counselors and group sessions, IOP may be the answer for you.

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