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Drug Addiction Consequences

drug addiction consequences - woman hiding her face - calley recovery centerLife is about choices and consequences. We make a choice – we deal with the consequence. When considering drug addiction consequences there is more to it than “choice”.

For most of us, we make healthy choices with a few ‘not so healthy’ sprinkled throughout our lifetime. For the addict trapped in their disease, using comes with a plethora of drug addiction consequences that, without overcoming drug addiction through recovery, never have a happy ending. There are several aspects of the addict’s life that addiction effects.

1. Impact on Family

Those who are suffering from addiction experience social drug addiction consequences regarding loved ones. Families are often ripped apart, leaving loved ones confused, upset and feeling hopeless. All relationships involved with the addict tend to suffer

2. Financial Decline

Drug addiction consequences also appear in the form of finances. Maintaining a daily drug habit can become extremely expensive. Many who are deep in their addiction often cannot work and they risk major consequences in order to get money. Draining bank accounts, stealing, and lying in order to get money is common. Responsibilities are forgotten and money meant for common necessities now supports a horrible habit.

4. Legal Troubles

Paired with financial consequences, one can also expect legal situations to add to the collection of drug addiction consequences. Breaking the law costs money, and whether a misdemeanor or a felony – expect to literally pay for the consequences.

5. Toll on The Body

Lastly, an important drug addiction consequence is the physical and mental health that comes with drug addiction. Depending on the drug, the mental and health effects vary, but none being anything near positive. For example, some of the consequences from the use of methamphetamine’s can cause increased blood pressure, anxiety, violent behavior, severe dental problems, and raises the risk of HIV (Drug Facts).

Drug addiction consequences run the gamut and it’s not worth it. Luckily there is help and treatment available.


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