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Do I Need Alcohol Detox?

do i need alcohol detox - man consulting physician - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterTo detox or not to detox… That shouldn’t be the question. Millions of people are suffering from alcohol abuse and if you yourself have ever asked the question “Do I need alcohol detox”, you may want to continue reading.

Those that suffer from alcohol dependence may experience withdrawal symptoms if they completely stop drinking and deprive their body of alcohol. These withdrawal symptoms can be minor or life threatening, depending on how long and how much one has been drinking. Detoxification or detox involves taking a short course of a medicine which would help to prevent these withdrawal symptoms while one is trying to stop drinking.

Here are the most common questions regarding detoxification from alcohol.

Does everyone need alcohol detox?

No, there are some people that do not need to detoxify from alcohol prior to treatment. These drinkers typically do not drink every day and have not acquired a dependence on alcohol. Needing to detox from alcohol highly depends on how much you drink and how often. Remember that everyone is different and bodies react differently.

Why do I need alcohol detox under the care of a doctor or medical team?

The symptoms of alcohol detoxification range from mild to extremely dangerous. With that, we strongly urge those who fall under the category of heavy and often drinking to detox under medical care. Under a doctor’s care, medication can be provided which can subside some detox symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, insomnia, diarrhea, anxiety, high fever and seizures.

Do I need alcohol detox IN a facility or can I detox at home?

Again, this depends on how much you drink and how often you drink. Detoxification in a home environment is possible; however it’s always suggested to speak with a doctor prior. Thinking one can detox solely without full knowledge of the process and what to expect can be dangerous.

Do I need alcohol detox or can I refuse treatment?

Adults under standard circumstances can refuse treatment at any time. Making a decision to refuse alcohol detoxification may hinder your recovery. We suggest learning more about the detoxification process and the consequences that come with refusing it.

Recovery is a serious journey, and for some detoxification from alcohol is essential. It is suggested that one speak with a professional before making any decision to refuse detoxification treatment.

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