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Benefits of Sober Monitoring

calendar- checkmark - benefits of sober monitoring - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterRe-entering the world newly recovered from a treatment facility can be frightening. Despite the dismal statistics, you really can beat the odds. Say hello to a new recovery buzzword: Sober Monitoring.

Sober monitoring can be paralleled to an architectural blueprint or structured plan to assist the newly recovered alcoholic, drug addict, over eater, gambler, etc. with living sober in the real world.

The benefits of sober monitoring contribute to long-term sobriety by holding the individual accountable, adding structure and normalcy to everyday life and by helping to alleviate the stresses of early sobriety…and for those of us who have been on this journey – the stresses are many.

Even though all treatment facilities are different, sober monitoring plans have the same objective: To establish and implement a clear, structured recovery path for the newly sober individual.

A good sober monitoring plan may include a number of the following:

  • Daily or weekly communication with a treatment professional, counselor and/or 12-Step sponsor to report triggers, feelings, plans, fears, etc. This support team will continue to provide encouragement and reason in a non-judgmental environment. This can be crucial especially if the risk of relapse appears high.
  • Random urinalysis or screening for alcohol and/or drugs to enforce accountability.
  • Attendance records of said meetings such as AA or any other 12-Step program to ensure outside support.
  • Attendance records signed from therapists, sponsors, probation officer, etc. to ensure responsibilities and structure.
  • Family group therapy to rebuild close relationships, set boundaries and develop self-esteem.
  • A recorded Breathalyzer to detect alcohol consumption may also be utilized.

Some of the main benefits of sober monitoring may involve the saving of a life through the continued support of the sober monitoring staff as well as the resources utilized. Having a sober monitoring plan shouldn’t be viewed as a list of strict rules to follow, but as a road-map that will pave the way to the happy, sober life you deserve.

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