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Will Alcohol Recovery Affect My Relationships?

will alcohol recovery affect my relationships - women having coffeeMany people new to sobriety wonder how their recovery will affect their family relationships.

It is often true that in the throes of addiction, we seldom realize just how much damage we are doing to our loved ones.

They can tell us time and time again, but until we realize that there is a problem and that it’s not going to go away on its own, we are doomed to live in the vicious cycle. Will alcohol recovery affect my relationships immediately? The answer is maybe and maybe not. What recovery teaches us is that regardless of the circumstances, no outside influences can dictate whether or not we drink again. We cannot continue to ingest the poison and expect the other person to get sick. Sometimes families are completely reborn after long-term recovery occurs, and sometimes our loved ones are not yet ready to communicate with us. Treatment explains that while we may get sober for someone else initially, eventually it becomes our own recovery.

Will alcohol recovery affect my dating relationships?

Dating in sobriety is a new experience for many people. It’s important to stay connected to your higher power and communicate with your spiritual advisor or sponsor often. You might run into a situation where someone you really care about is uneasy about dating an alcoholic. Treatment at an accredited facility can help educate you and also guide you through educating others. Once you provide the information and literature to someone you are dating, the decision is out of your hands. Sober living can help you live life on life’s terms, regardless of what is happening around you. You don’t have to ever take another drink again, but it starts with reaching out to someone for the help you deserve.

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