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Alcohol Addiction Relapse Consequences

Alcohol Addiction Relapse Consequences - woman looking out window - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterI honestly didn’t think it would happen again.

My husband had relapsed before, and I believed his lesson was learned. I had a list of consequences if he started drinking again. Apparently my consequences didn’t matter, because his addiction was more powerful. I was so angry, hurt and devastated.

Every action has a consequence, and alcohol addiction relapse consequences can break as easily as they’ve been set. The price my husband had to pay for relapsing almost cost him his job, his health and our marriage. With that, I can attest this relapse was worse than the first. Not only is he older, and his body cannot take the amount of alcohol he was consuming, this relapse carried more guilt, shame and embarrassment and it was weighing him down.

The biggest alcohol addiction relapse consequence I personally had to overcome was trust.

I didn’t know if I was ever going to trust him again. Other alcohol addiction relapse consequences I had to heal from were heartache, anger and disappointment. I was disappointed because I felt like all the work he did the first time was for nothing. I was disappointed because I felt he hadn’t worked hard enough on his program. I was angry because I believed his addiction was more important to him than me, and my heart was broken because I wasn’t sure our marriage was going to last.

What helped me greatly was joining the Al-Anon program. I learned that although I needed compassion for my husband and his disease, I have nothing to do with his recovery. I can support him through my actions and words, but it’s not my responsibility to check up on him, nor is it my job to set HIS alcohol addiction relapse consequences. It’s natural to be emotional when someone you love relapses. I’ve learned that what I do or don’t do, say or don’t say, has no affect on his choice of sobriety.

Thanks to Al-Anon, I’ve learned what my business is and what isn’t.

If he chooses to drink, there are going to be alcohol addiction relapse consequences he will have to face. The beauty is, his program is not my responsibility, and I can concentrate on my program and my life. Whatever his choice, I can still be happy.

If you are currently being affected, or have been affected by the disease of alcoholism, you are not alone and the program of Al-Anon can help. Find a meeting in your area and don’t leave before the miracles happen. Because they will!

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