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7 Tips for Living With a Recovering Addict

These tips for Living with a recovering addict begin with an open mind, the power to let go and a lot of patients.

Addiction is a family disease, it affects not only the one addicted, but everyone close to him. Recovery is forever and transitioning from an inpatient treatment center to life at home may not be as smooth as you expect. Take a breath and step back.

Below are 7 tips for living with a recovering addict. We hope they offer you help.

  • tips for living with a recovering addict - couple sitting on bench - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterGet educated on addiction and recovery: Knowledge is power! Learn all you can about the disease of addiction, recovery and everything in between.
  • Be patient. Your loved one is learning new behaviors and practicing new skills. Let them learn.
  • Become active with groups that support recovery. This is a no-brainer. Get to an Al-Anon group meeting as soon as you can. Here you will learn about addiction, recovery and the importance of YOUR life. The miracle of this support group has helped hundreds and thousands for many years.
  • Focus on yourself: You may find that living with a recovering addict frees up a lot of time. Hopefully your recovering addict is spending time at 12-Step meetings and working with a sponsor. Now it’s your turn to concentrate on your life. Get out and start enjoying your own.
  • Give praise and encouragement when due: Recognize the positive changes the recovering addict is making.
  • Learn that relapse can be a part of recovery: Yes it happens. Be prepared.
  • Be aware of nagging, pushing and prying: No one wants to be under a microscope 24 hours a day. Understand that this is their journey. If they fall – let them fall with dignity and face the consequences that may come with it.


Taking these tips for living with a recovering addict to heart can be a crucial part of your life, your serenity and relationship with the recovering addict.

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