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Detoxification at Fair Oaks Recovery….You’re not alone!

What is Detoxification?
Detoxification, also known as detoxing, refers to the process of withdrawal from an addictive substance. Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, withdrawals can be a painful process. This discomfort is one of the primary reasons that individuals are unsuccessful when trying to quit on their own.

Upon entering the Fair Oaks Recovery Center, each client completes a physical exam, health history, and usage assessment with a physician. Fair Oak’s medical and therapeutic teams develop a plan for the client that addresses individual risk factors for withdrawal with care and compassionate.

Our commitment to your healing journey means you are not alone. When the detoxification or detox process begins, individual therapists and trained nursing staff are readily available offer support.

As the body adjusts, the withdrawal process can be both emotional and physical. Symptoms vary depending upon the type of substance and the length of use.  Emotional symptoms often include anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and depression. Physical symptoms may include nausea, diarrhea, sweating, and a racing heart.

It is crucial to the health of the patient that the detoxification process is monitored by a supervised medical specialist. A supervised detox can help you begin your path to sobriety as comfortably and quickly as possible. Think of it as a way to “kick start” your recovery.

Detoxification is the First Step to Recovery

Detoxification is different for everyone. Typically most clients can expect to spend five to seven days in detox. Once detox is complete, majority of our clients continue through Fair Oak’s residential treatment program to ensure that they have a solid footing for long-lasting recovery.

Fair Oak’s full continuum of care will provide you with a judgment-free environment, where you will experience true understanding of where you are headed.

Do you or someone you love need care at Fair Oaks?

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