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Fair Oaks Recovery Center blog articles on the topic of addiction recovery therapies for individuals in therapy for mental health and substance use disorders. Here you will find information and resources on the subject.

Family Therapy in Addiction Recovery

All in the Family: Why Family Therapy Matters

Unfortunately, for many people, dealing with family members is troublesome even during the best of times, much less when there are serious issues to work out. While the thought of going through addiction counseling as a family might make you cringe, it’s often one of the best tools for effective recovery—and a healing opportunity for...
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severe detox symptoms - Fair Oaks Recovery Center - detox - puzzle piece

Severe Detox Symptoms

Watching a loved one go through severe detox symptoms can feel as painful on your insides as it looks like on their outsides.It may cause you to feel helpless or scared, or angry even when your loved one is in the safe care of professionals during the process. It may also cause you to wonder...
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