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Supporting a Family Member in Their Addiction

supporting a family member in their addiction - businessman with pills - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterAnyone who is related to an addict has asked what the best way of going about supporting a family member in their addiction is.

Addiction is often called a family disease. This is due to the fact that an addict’s using affects everyone in their life. A person in active addiction must tell themselves many lies in order to justify their addiction. One of the biggest lies an addict must convince themselves of is that they aren’t hurting anyone else. Sadly, their families are often forced to sit by and watch helplessly as they destroy themselves. Sleepless nights filled with worry over where their loved one is and whether or not they’ll live through the night is, sadly, a usual occurrence for a family member of an addict. However, there is another way.

Supporting a family member in their addiction can be tricky.

There is a difference between supporting the addict’s drug addiction and supporting the addict as they fight their addiction. The best way of supporting a family member in their addiction is to practice setting your boundaries. Allowing them to treat the family as a resource to feed their drug habit does not server anyone. However, helping them get into treatment if they desire help is a good way of supporting a family member in their addiction. By getting into a treatment program they can receive help for their addiction and the family can have some piece of mind knowing that they’re in a safe place.

The easiest rule to remember is to support things that encourage recovery.

That means that if the loved one asks for financial support, it should only be received when they are sober. Supporting a family member in their addiction can be tricky. However, if they can get into treatment the addict and family will have access to valuable resources that will help show them the best way to move forward.

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