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Substance Use Disorder

Substance Use Disorder |

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Substance Abuse Challenges of the LGBTQIA2+ Community

Understanding the unique challenges of the LGBTQIA2+ community is a critical foundation for Mental Health Issues, Trauma, and Addiction Treatment. Each person has particular elements contributing to substance use disorder (SUD) and alcohol use disorder (AUD). To prompt effective, long-term wellness, addiction treatment should be tailored to meet their individual needs. However, in many cases, similar...
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What is an Accidental Drug Overdose - drugs skull

What Is an Accidental Drug Overdose?

The war on drugs is nowhere near over, and we continue to lose our loved ones to illicit and prescription overdoses.According to the CDC, in 2015, 47,055 people died from drug overdoses – 1.5 times greater than the number of people killed in car crashes. Typically it’s heroin and opioids that contribute to the majority...
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first responders and substance abuse - 911 - Fair Oaks Recovery Center

First Responders and Substance Abuse/Drug Addiction

The co-relation between first responders and substance abuse is pervasive and all too common today.Moreover, first responders and substance abuse is taboo compared to society at large, and particularly within first responder culture itself. Because police, EMTs, and firefighters, etc… are trusted with our very safety and lives, the pressure to keep up a positive...
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severe detox symptoms - Fair Oaks Recovery Center - detox - puzzle piece

Severe Detox Symptoms

Watching a loved one go through severe detox symptoms can feel as painful on your insides as it looks like on their outsides.It may cause you to feel helpless or scared, or angry even when your loved one is in the safe care of professionals during the process. It may also cause you to wonder...
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