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Sponsorship in Al-Anon

by helping others...we help ourselves - sponsorship in al-anon - Fair Oaks Recovery Center of california - drug addiction rehab in sacramento california - sacramento alcohol addiction treatment centerEvery day, minute and second, someone is suffering from the disease of addiction or alcoholism, and it’s not just the person who is drinking or using drugs.

For decades, Al-Anon has helped millions of families and friends who have been affected by the disease of addiction/alcoholism.

We believe addiction is a family disease and with the sharing of our experiences, one can learn to have a happy and joyful life – whether the addicted individual is drinking/using or not.

In Al-Anon, we focus on ourselves and not the alcoholic/addict.

This can be confusing to a newcomer, because many come to Al-Anon to get the secret list on how to get your loved one sober. We learn that we have no control of people, places and things and by attending meetings and listening to other’s stories, we learn the tools to help us in our everyday lives.

Those that are new to our program may not understand why sponsorship in Al-Anon is important.

Think of it this way: A sponsor is like a good friend, maybe the dad you never had, a confidant, a guide, a mentor, or a tutor that will guide you through the steps and give you a voice of reason (along with more tools) that will help you live a more serene life.

Sponsorship in Al-Anon is a beautiful way to learn and grow through someone else’s experience. When we do this, we see that we’re not helpless – we are strong and we are responsible for our own lives and not that of the alcoholic.

Al-anon is a magical program where we can speak freely and express our emotions.

We do this with love and acceptance; our conference approved literature, the ongoing support, and with our traditions, preamble and closing of our meetings. It’s with those elements and the wonderful experience that sponsorship in Al-Anon provides that one can truly recover from the affects of alcoholism.

If your loved one is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, we can help. Please contact us anytime at (888) 989-9690.</strong
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