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Sober Living
give back while in recovery from addiction

Giving Back Is Good for the Community and Helps You, Too

Everywhere you look, organizations within your community need volunteers. From local animal shelters and food banks to music festivals and fun runs, most nonprofit organizations rely heavily on the goodwill of volunteers to keep funds focused on the core mission and reduce administrative costs. But are there more intrinsic benefits to giving of your time?...
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How to Choose the Best Rehab: Factors to Consider

When a person is trying to free their life from the grip of addiction, they might be inclined to accept the first help they can find.  While it is important to get support, it is also true that not every rehab is created equal. Explore the range of supports offered by different recovery programs before...
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Rehab Alumni, How to Socialize When Sober - friends eating while one takes selfie of the four of them

How to Socialize When Sober

How to Socialize When Sober | Deciding whether or not you should accept a party invitation is dependent on where you are in your journey of recovery. For instance, if you are newly sober, it would be in your best interest to stay away from any event where there might be alcohol or substance use—even...
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sober living environment - welcome mat - Fair Oaks Recovery Center

What Is a Sober Living Environment Like?

If you have been through residential treatment for a drug and/or alcohol issue you have probably heard of sober living homes but what is a sober living environment like? Many treatment facilities offer a sober living program, while others provide referrals to sober living options. The concept for a sober living environment came about out of necessity....
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national recovery month - Fair Oaks Recovery Center - september 2015

National Recovery Month

America’s communities are suffering from the consequences brought on by the ever growing epidemic of the disease of addiction and mental illness. If you personally are not suffering, I guarantee you know someone who is. This can be a family member, close friend, co-worker, neighbor or an acquaintance. With the high price of treatment, many...
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calendar- checkmark - benefits of sober monitoring - Fair Oaks Recovery Center

Benefits of Sober Monitoring

Re-entering the world newly recovered from a treatment facility can be frightening. Despite the dismal statistics, you really can beat the odds. Say hello to a new recovery buzzword: Sober Monitoring. Sober monitoring can be paralleled to an architectural blueprint or structured plan to assist the newly recovered alcoholic, drug addict, over eater, gambler, etc....
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photo of two people holding a cutout of homes - benefits of sober living programs - Fair Oaks Recovery Center of california - sacramento addiction treatment and recovery

Benefits of Sober Living Programs

Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is a process that begins with the addict’s willingness to take responsibility for the choices that have fueled his/her disease. The step by step journey to recovery deconstructs the addict’s distorted thinking and allows the addict to envision a life free of alcohol and drugs. Recovery entails surrender, acceptance,...
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