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Recovering from Alcohol Abuse

recovering from alcohol abuse - recovery ahead sign - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterMost people who are suffering from any type of substance abuse disorder will find themselves feeling hopeless.

Many individuals make several attempts to quit using or drinking on their own, with no success. In fact, it is even common for people to make solid attempts, involving professional help, and still have little to no success. The truth is, overcoming an addiction or a substance dependency is difficult, but it is not impossible. People are successfully recovering from alcohol abuse and addiction every day.

There are important factors to consider when you or someone you love has decided to quit drinking for good and for all.

Will you be needing to attend a medical detoxification program to ensure safe withdrawal from alcohol? If so, finding a treatment center or hospital that can offer you this element is crucial. What type of treatment best fits your needs after the detoxification process? Most treatment facilities offer both inpatient/residential treatment, and outpatient programs.

Residential programs provide more intense treatment that can offer around-the-clock care in addition to medication management and individual and group therapy. These programs typically last anywhere from 14 days to 90 days, depending on the facility.

Outpatient programs allow for less intense treatment, but more personal flexibility, usually offering evening sessions. Regardless of which program suits your needs best, it is important to get stabilized physically and emotionally, so you can begin recovering from alcohol abuse.

Some people find that once they have removed alcohol from the equation, everything falls back into place and life becomes easy and normal again.

These are usually individuals who have found themselves drinking too heavily and forming a habit of alcohol abuse. In other words, alcohol abuse was truly their problem, and once removed, life is good. On the other hand, there are individuals who rely on alcohol as their solution to life, and when that solution is taken away, their lives do not improve, but get worse. The latter group of individuals often need a more solid recovery program that often includes 12 step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Whether you or your loved one fall into the first group, or the second, lasting recovery is possible. With so many resources available today, recovering from alcohol abuse is not only possible, but within reach. Speak with someone about making the change today!

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