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Overcoming Drug Addiction

overcoming drug addiction - happy couple - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterIs overcoming drug addiction really possible? I thought it was, but I didn’t know anything. I spent so much time our time lecturing, begging, pleading, crying and threatening by boyfriend to stop with his drug use.

After a rough patch that included a DUI, my prayer was finally answered and he went to treatment. I thought this was the answer in overcoming drug addiction. I also thought our lives would be back to normal. I was so wrong.

I had no idea that when one is overcoming drug addiction it would be a life-long process. I believed that when you’d go to rehab – you’re cured. The sad reality is no one is cured when it comes to overcoming drug addiction.

Overcoming drug addiction is a lifelong process, and I needed to understand that residential treatment is not a onetime fix. Those serious about recovery continue their journey long after rehab. This can come in the form of attending many weekly meetings, counseling, outreach calls, meditating and journaling and solitude. I was left wondering where I fit in and why I wasn’t his first priority.

When our relationship didn’t go back to normal and things got rocky, it was suggested to me to attend an Al-Anon meeting.

I learned so much about addiction and myself and continue to learn every time I go. I learned that sobriety comes before anything when overcoming drug addiction. I learned to live my life and compliment his. I learned that his recovery was his, and even though I wasn’t the one overcoming drug addiction – I still needed recovery. I needed recovery from my distortion of what caring was. I enabled. Big time! That wasn’t caring. What an eye opening experience!

I’m so thankful for Al-Anon, and so thankful my boyfriend has been sober for 3 years.

I am thankful that he diligently works his 12-Step program, and I am thankful that I work mine. We both have learned that there is a power greater than us and our ‘job’ in this lifetime is to put one foot in front of the other and do the next best thing. That’s a simple job, and for that I’m grateful.

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