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Life After Drug Rehab

Life after drug rehab wasn’t what my husband expected.

life after drug rehab - woman reading book in a field - Fair Oaks Recovery CenterWhen I went away to get off prescription pain pills, I came back a different person but my husband stayed the same. After all, he didn’t think he needed to change. I was the one with the problem of addiction.  My life after drug rehab changed and he wasn’t willing to live with the strong woman I had become.

Before I went into rehab, I let my husband run the show.

I was a stay at home mom who wanted to go back to work when our kids were old enough. Although I had a degree, my husband didn’t think my place was in corporate America and insisted that I stay at home and manage the house. I had expressed my desire to return to work many times. These discussions turned into arguments and over time I learned to keep my mouth shut to keep a happy home.

When my kids were out of the house, I became extremely lonely, isolated, and full of resentment.

I used pills to escape my life and not feel my feelings. There were many times I stayed in bed all day only to get out of bed just before he got home from work. I was in a spiral of pills and depression. With the help of my sister, I came clean and announced that I had a drug problem. My husband reluctantly agreed that I was the problem in our marriage and off I went to a 30 day treatment center. His hope was that our life after drug rehab would pick up where we left off. It didn’t happen that way.

For me, life after drug rehab was incredible. For my husband, it wasn’t so great.

I wasn’t the same person anymore. Through rehab and my continuous work with AA, I had found my voice and was learning who I was not only as a wife and mother, but as a woman.

My husband and I tried counseling, but I knew deep down I didn’t love him anymore. Sometimes life after drug rehab doesn’t turn out the way we think it will. Sometimes life after drug rehab turns out better than one can imagine.

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