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Finding Sober Friends

finding sober friends - friends taking selfieFinding sober friends can be tough, especially if you’re new to recovery.

It is suggested that we change people, places, and things when we start on the road to sobriety, but this can be daunting. However, returning back to our old playmates and former stomping grounds can be detrimental to sobriety. There are many ways to find sober friends, though, because there exists a fellowship among us consisting of like-minded individuals.

Finding sober friends can start by meeting people at local 12-step meetings.

Be selective of who you allow into your circle because even though people are trying to work a program of recovery, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are always on the right track. It is suggested that you hang around the winners that have something you want. This doesn’t mean material possessions, but rather principles and morals that you find appealing. It is also suggested that women stick with women, and men stick with men in the beginning. It is okay to have friends of the opposite sex, but at the end of the day, a sober woman can teach another woman how to be a sober female much better than a man can. Many groups go to dinner on certain days and most groups celebrate anniversaries of sobriety. There is often food, fellowship, and community during these events, which can ultimately lead to finding sober friends.

There are many functions and gatherings in the recovery community.

In some states, there are gatherings called CityWide. This is organized through the local Intergroup Association, which is part of Alcoholics Anonymous. Many people from all different groups can come together and share in their experience, strength, and hope. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends, bring food and non-alcoholic beverages, and be reminded that you are not alone in your disease.

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