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how to support a recovering alcoholic spouse - Fair Oaks Recovery Center - man and woman holding hands on beach

How to Support a Recovering Alcoholic Spouse

When my husband finally entered AA, I was told that Al-Anon would be good for me. I went thinking I’d learn how to support a recovering alcoholic spouse and then I’d be done with it. I was too busy for Al-Anon and I wasn’t the one with the problem anyway. Needless to say, I was...
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Healthy Coping Mechanisms to Aid Your Recovery - Fair Oaks Recovery Center - relax - list written on napkin

Healthy Coping Mechanisms to Aid Your Recovery

When my husband’s drinking became too much for me, I took the advice of a friend and found an Al-Anon meeting. I needed to recover from the affects alcoholism had on my life. Al-Anon taught me how to change my behavior and learn healthy coping mechanisms that focused on me and not my alcoholic husband....
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tips for living with a recovering addict - couple sitting on bench - Fair Oaks Recovery Center

7 Tips for Living With a Recovering Addict

These tips for Living with a recovering addict begin with an open mind, the power to let go and a lot of patients. Addiction is a family disease, it affects not only the one addicted, but everyone close to him. Recovery is forever and transitioning from an inpatient treatment center to life at home may...
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a couple on the beach at sunset under an umbrella - enabling behavior and codependency - Fair Oaks Recovery Center of california - sacramento drug addiction treatment center

Enabling Behavior and Codependency

The most confusing and piercing words that describe the contributions of friends and family to the disease of addiction are enabling behavior and codependency. With the best of intentions, unconditional love, unwavering commitment and a blind eye to reality, we unknowingly become dance partners with the disease. Our enabling behavior is particularly difficult to relinquish...
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