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Tracey L. Kelley
generational trauma, family, trauma, mental treatment

Are You Impacted by Generational Trauma?

The scientific community has studied generational trauma for decades, but as you might guess, it takes at least two life cycles within a family to truly understand its effects. More current research reveals how trauma impacts multiple lives in many ways, especially regarding substance abuse. What Is Generational Trauma? Also referred to as intergenerational trauma,...
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whole-person care, help, treatment, therapy, support

How Whole-Person Care Helps You Realize Your Full Potential

The most important thing to remember when you bravely decide to seek addiction treatment is that you’re more than a disease. You’re a beautiful, multi-faceted being with a detailed history, filled with hopes, dreams, and abilities. To fully embrace healing, you need supportive professionals who see beyond your symptoms and help you explore your potential....
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exercise, workout, recovery, treatment

Try This Free Mood Booster: Exercise!

To make more progress in your sobriety journey, it’s essential to fill your recovery toolbox with various techniques that contribute to your well-being. You already know that consistent exercise is one of the key factors to maintain physical health—but how much do you know about the mental and emotional benefits? Let’s take a closer look....
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LGBTQIA2+, substance use, substance abuse, rehab, addiction

Substance Abuse Challenges of the LGBTQIA2+ Community

Each person has particular elements contributing to substance use disorder (SUD) and alcohol use disorder (AUD). To prompt effective, long-term wellness, addiction treatment should be tailored to meet their individual needs. However, in many cases, similar risk factors are shared by members of specific communities, such as individuals who identify as LGBTQIA2+. Understanding the unique...
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residential treatment, inpatient, puzzle, therapy, support, recovery, rehab, counseling

What You’ll Gain from Residential Treatment

It takes a certain level of conviction to decide that it’s time for residential addiction treatment. But residential or inpatient treatment is one of the most effective methods for creating a foundation for recovery. Here’s what you or a loved one can plan for at an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center. Why the Term...
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man sitting in field with eyes closed, meditating - mindfulness

How to Use Mindfulness For a Better Recovery

As you read this, where is your mind—really? Are you thinking about something that happened 30 minutes ago, or contemplating your to-do list that you need to get back to shortly? We often hear the phrase “be in the present moment,” but to do this, we need to learn about mindfulness. Mindfulness is the act...
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