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Fair Oaks Recovery Center blog articles in the field of substance use disorders and addiction recovery. Here you will find news, information, and inspiration about drug and alcohol addiction and recovery.

How Adverse Childhood Experiences Contribute to Addiction, adverse childhood experiences

How Adverse Childhood Experiences Contribute to Addiction

There are numerous risk factors for addiction—it’s never just one thing that automatically results in substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol use disorder (AUD). While many people benefit from protective factors early in life that help prevent the chance of high-risk substance use, research indicates others have adverse childhood experiences that contribute to addictive behavior. Understanding...
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How to Disclose Your Addiction, How to Disclose Your Addiction to an Employer

Telling Your Employer That You’re Battling Addiction and Need Time Off Work for Treatment

It can be difficult to know who to tell and what to tell them when you are starting treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Some people choose to tell only their closest friends and family because they don’t feel comfortable sharing such intimate information with anyone else. However, while addiction and recovery are deeply personal...
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Going to Rehab Away from Home: What You Need to Know - young man with luggage at airport facing away

Why Outpatient Addiction Treatment Might Be an Option Right Now

When it’s evident that you or someone you love needs vital addiction treatment, the best time to start is right now. However, you might face more than a few obstacles to entering inpatient rehabilitation care. Fortunately, intensive outpatient services can provide a thorough professional approach. What Outpatient Services Offer Each person needs a different type of customized...
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generational trauma, family, trauma, mental treatment

Are You Impacted by Generational Trauma?

The scientific community has studied generational trauma for decades, but as you might guess, it takes at least two life cycles within a family to truly understand its effects. More current research reveals how trauma impacts multiple lives in many ways, especially regarding substance abuse. What Is Generational Trauma? Also referred to as intergenerational trauma,...
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whole-person care, help, treatment, therapy, support

How Whole-Person Care Helps You Realize Your Full Potential

The most important thing to remember when you bravely decide to seek addiction treatment is that you’re more than a disease. You’re a beautiful, multi-faceted being with a detailed history, filled with hopes, dreams, and abilities. To fully embrace healing, you need supportive professionals who see beyond your symptoms and help you explore your potential....
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Benefits of Attending Residential Drug Treatment Programs, Benefits of Residential Addiction Treatment, Benefits of Residential Treatment, residential treatment, inpatient, puzzle, therapy, support, recovery, rehab, counseling

What You’ll Gain from Residential Treatment

It takes a certain level of conviction to decide that it’s time for treatment. But residential or inpatient treatment is one of the most effective methods for creating a foundation for recovery.  Here’s what you or a loved one can plan for at an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center.Why the Term “Inpatient” MattersUnfortunately, it’s all...
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illustration - woman in face mask holding knees to chest, surrounded by virus - pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic: A Recipe for Addiction Disaster

If there was a recipe for addiction, one of the key ingredients would be isolation. People who lack a social network and encouragement to live their best life find it especially difficult to get or stay sober.How COVID Is Making Recovery TougherA May 2020 report by the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals outlines...
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pretty young woman wearing sweater that matches wallpaper - hiding substance use

Identifying Hidden Substance Use

Before a person suffering from addiction is able to acknowledge the problem and get help, they will likely try to conceal the extent of their drug or alcohol abuse by hiding their substance use. Loved ones who don’t know the indicators of substance abuse may not realize the full scope of the issue or that...
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Insurance Verification Form, closeup of woman entering credit care info into laptop - cross addiction

What Is Cross Addiction?

It is said in the recovery community that it’s not enough to just stop using. It’s important to fill the voids that are left in your life when you enter recovery–because if you don’t fill them, they may attract negative habits. These habits may develop into new addictions.What Is a Cross Addiction?Cross addiction, sometimes also...
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Impaired Driving, man holding glass of liquor sitting in front of car keys on table - impaired driving

Is Impaired Driving a Sign of Addiction?

While it shows a potentially fatal error in judgment, one DUI/DWI does not necessarily mean that a person is in active addiction. A DUI/DWI can, however, indicate an unhealthy dependence on alcohol or drugs or even an undiagnosed substance use disorder.Why Does it Matter?A lot of people rationalize their choice to get behind the wheel...
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