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Fair Oaks Recovery Center blog articles in the field of substance use disorders and addiction recovery. Here you will find news, information, and inspiration about drug and alcohol addiction treatment modalities, recovery stories, and more.

Adventure sports ,Ideas for Sober Fun

Ideas for Sober Fun

As adults, we tend to think about escaping the throes of everyday life more than about making time to play or have fun. Yes, we need to be responsible, but we also need to nurture a balanced perspective of enjoyment. A common question for people new to recovery is “How will I have fun?” because...
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Pink cloud syndrome

What Is Pink Cloud Syndrome?

Pink cloud syndrome, often referred to as “pink clouding,” is a term used in addiction recovery and mental health to describe a temporary phase of intense positivity and optimism that some individuals experience early on in recovery. Initially, these feelings add to your motivation to stay the course, but keep in mind there’s still work...
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